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DivasForDays is dedicated to icons of entertainment. Their numbers are legion. We’ve heard many stories about personal tragedy or scandal. In some cases, the mythology looms larger than the artistry that brought the individual to prominence. Divas for Days is dedicated to refocusing the narrative and exploring its subjects' creativity.  

Except where it seems necessary to set the record straight, you won’t find any talk here of pills or booze, proboscises, bath houses, body shape, boys who sell bagels, or ambition, blonde or otherwise. 

I am endlessly inspired by the women about whom I plan to write. There will be some men in the mix, too. That inspiration takes shape here by inclusion of my version of a signature song of most of the artists I will cover. 

This site is brought to you by Anthony Rufo. He was not a little girl who went to the police academy, and he was hardly assigned any hazardous duties, but he still wanted to be an Angel. He was the 1977 New Hampshire state hula hoop champion but was robbed at the regionals. He blocked snowballs with his wrists at the bus stop, but despite repeated attempts, spinning (whether to the right or the left) has never resulted in a full transformation into Wonder Woman. Nevertheless, he persists. If you are ever watching Grease and the sound goes out, give him a call - he can recite the whole thing start to finish. He'll lie and say he cannot do the same if you are watching Grease 2, but if you happen to know a C..O-O-L...R-I-D.E.R, he may be looking for one. He studied theatre (the school was the Swiss-est), has a degree in opera performance, speaks German and Spanish, can knit you a sweater, somehow found himself working at an institutional bank and practiced law for ten years. Now he thinks he's a writer.  

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